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It's K Show Time Again This Year !

Yes it's come around again and Boston Matthews will be there again in full force.

We will be located at the heart of Hall 16 with a big presence.

We look forward to showing off our latest developments and welcoming you all onto our stand.

See you in October !!

Hall 16, Stand B22

Never Underestimate the Importance of the Caterpillar Haul-Off

When it comes to investment in new machinery many organisations make the mistake of ignoring the Caterpillar Haul-Off and the pivotal role in plays within every extrusion line. The Haul-Off provides tension to the extrusion line and forms a vital link from the good consistent quality of melt produced by the extruder through to the successful cutting/sawing/coiling operation at the end of the line. If the Haul-Off is underperforming, then issues throughout the line are likely to occur :

  • Product inaccuracy at the die face leading to poor product and possible line downtime

  • Calibration inaccuracy / line down time

  • Inaccurate cutting/sawing/coiling

All too many times a company will make a good investment in a new Cutter/Saw/Coiler for them not to see the true benefits due to an inaccurate, ageing Haul-Off.

It is therefore essential to have a Caterpillar Haul-Off that has precision speed holding at all times.

Extrusion Lines with Integrated Quality Management Systems and Production Data Analysis

Single Access, Fully Integrated System:


Extrusion lines with fully integrated Quality Control Management Systems with accessible and exportable data are now available from Boston Matthews.

Using Boston Matthews’ own SMART Control System technology as the main platform and central control unit, several additional ‘Quality Management Systems’ are capable of being fully integrated into a single operating interface. This eliminates the need for separate mounting and interfacing of additional processing hardware normally associated with secondary or tertiary quality monitoring systems. Processing Data, including the ‘standard SMART Control Extrusion Data’ is collated and stored into a single seamless unit (SMART) for export to either an already established SPC data interface or tailored to meet the exact requirements of the organisation. Such Quality Control Systems include but are not limited to Wall Thickness Measurement; Tube Diameter Measurement Control; Lump Recognition; Defect Analysis; and Loss in Weight.

Boston Matthews Sales Director Simon Brookes states "We developed the SMART System several years ago when the ability to access production data for analytical purposes was a wishful luxury and considered to be only necessary for certain industries and multi-national organisations. This is no longer the case as more and more manufacturers are turning to factual historical data as a means of monitoring and improving their production. Boston Matthews design and manufacture the complete extrusion line and therefore understand the entire extrusion process from ‘resin-in’ to ‘product-out’.  Combining this knowledge and understanding together with our latest technology we are able to integrate all technologies and present the user with a complete ‘extrusion manufacturing cell’ with statistical analysis which they can monitor, store and base practical production decisions upon.

 Improved Quality and Reduced Operating Costs:

 With ever greater pressures from increasing resin prices, rising energy bills and limited skilled operator’s production and plant managers must scrutinise every element of their operation. The only effective way of doing this is through statistical data analysis. Access to this data in conjunction with the precision extrusion technology (AC Flux Vector Control and Servo Control) found throughout Boston Matthews Extrusion Lines enable the processor to achieve higher, more consistent ‘guaranteed’ production whilst greatly reducing scrap levels, and overall operating costs.


Boston Matthews Teams Up With Grip in Canada

Boston Matthews is pleased to announce the new appointment of Grip Equipment as their representatives in Canada.

Grip Equipment has many years experience spanning several sectors including plastics and packaging and will be responsible for the sales, promotion and support of the Boston Matthews range of Extruders, Downstream Equipment and Complete Extrusion Lines for Alberta and British Columbia.

Delta, BC Canada

Phone: +1.604.889.1855


New Addition To The Team !

Boston Matthews is pleased to welcome an additional service and support vehicle to our team !

Another example of our continued investment within all aspects of the organization as we strive for better performance at all times !!

Boston Matthews Appoint New UK & Ireland Sales Manager

Boston Matthews is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Henstock as the new Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland.

An engineer by profession, Graham has over 20 years technical engineering sales experience and will be responsible for both the Boston Matthews range of Extruders, Downstream Equipment Ranges and Complete Turn-Key Extrusion Lines as well as the Munchy Range of Recycling Systems.

Boston Matthews Managing Director Simon Brookes stated "We are delighted to have Graham on board where he will provide the necessary technical sales support for our wide range of customers in the UK & Ireland.”

The Worcester based company design and manufacture Extruders, Downstream Equipment and Complete Extrusion Lines. Since 2002 with the purchase of Munchy the company also design and manufacture machinery for the recycling of plastics into re-useable 1st class pellets.

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