Tube, Pipe & Profile Saws

Precision Accurate, Repeatable Tube, Pipe & Profile Saws

A wide range of travelling saws for the precision, repeatable cutting of tubes, pipes and profiles.

A complete in-line sawing solution.

Boston Matthews travelling saws automatically detect and track line speed before initiating the sawing operation. The result is clean, accurate, square repeatable cut lengths at all times.

The "vanishing" saw table curtain helps to reduce the saws footprint and therefore saves valuable production floor space as well as providing a safer operational environment.

A range of features and options including sizes allows the exact requirements for each production facility to be reached.

Swarf collection is also available for a cleaner operation.

The range of travelling saws includes Auto Saws, Servo Saws and All-Electric Servo Driven Saws

Boston Matthews Cutters And Saws