PEX Pipe & PB Pipe Extrusion Lines

Pex And Pb Pipe Structures

Understanding PEX & PB Pipe Production

Boston Matthews design and manufacture a range of complete turn-key extrusion lines specifically for the production of PEX Pipe and PB Pipe.

The use of PB or PEX Pipe as alternative to Cooper for heating and plumbing systems is increasing rapidly and in some countries is regarded as the industry standard.

The use of PEX or PB and it's structure is largely determined by the building regulations of that particular country.

Boston Matthews has complete extrusion lines for the production of:

  • PEX Pipe
  • PB Pipe
  • Mono Layer PEX or PB
  • Multi--Layer PEX or PB (3 or 5 layer structures)

Technical Specification / Brochure

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