Economical, easy to use, single-unit recycling

When loose materials need recycling such as bags, purgings, start-up scrap, bottles, buckets etc the Muncher is the best solution. A powerful in-built shredder fed via a conveyor reduces the scrap material into sizable pieces for consistent feeding onto the screw.

The Muncher can recycle a range of material forms simultaneously including loose materials, reel feeding and on-line.

The MUNCHER has been designed to be completely versatile so that successful recycling of a wide range of material is achieved:

Economical, easy to use, single-unit recycling

Universal Recycling

The Muncher is capable of recycling a wide range of materials and material forms:

  • Bags
  • Sacks
  • Buckets
  • Purgings
  • Start-Up Scrap
  • Off-Line Reels

Powerful Integrated Shredder

The Muncher is fitted with a powerful, integrated shredder to easily size reduce loose materials for consistent feeding onto the Screw.

Air or Water Pellet Cooling

The Muncher can use air or water cooling dependent upon the material being recycled and the required output.

Simple Operation

Controlled via a PLC with touch-screen the Muncher is simple and easy to operate.

Simple Maintenance

The Muncher has been designed to allow for routine maintenance to be carried out by the operator and not dedicated maintenance personnel.


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