Screws & Barrels

It's not a genuine Munchy screw or barrel unless it's from Munchy.

Regardless of the age of your Munchy system a brand new manufactured replacement screw, splined barrel or straight barrel can be supplied - exactly the same as was originally supplied and fitted to your Munchy.

This is available for all machines including:

K RANGE: ET; MT; K40; K55; K100; K200; K300

P RANGE: P40; P55; P75; P80; P90; P100; P120; P130; P160


mini Munchy; Munchy 40; Munchy 60; Munchy 100; Munchy 150; Munchy 200; Munchy 250; Munchy 300; Munchy 1000;Muncher 100; Muncher 150; Muncher 200; Muncher 300

Please contact the Munchy Service & Support Team for more information:

Screws & Barrels Manufactured To Original Munchy Drawings

Genuine Munchy Screws are ONLY available from Munchy

Replacement Barrels


Replacement Screws