Reels & Roll Stock Recycling

  • Feeding of the material directly onto the Munchy Dual Diameter Screw ensures the highest quality pellet at all times.
  • On Line Edge Trims & Off Line recycling at the same time
  • Special purpose system for the successful recycling of out of specification material in reel form.
  • Powerful in-feed rollers ensure consistent feeding of the material into the recycling system for optimum pellet quality.
  • Patented Munchy Dual-Diameter Screw Technology = minimum material degradation = higher quality pellet.
  • Energy Efficient design technology incorporated throughout the recycling system to ensure LOW COST RECYCLING and fast return on investment.
  • A range of systems to meet the outputs and operating conditions.
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance undertaken by the operator.
  • Range of outputs, cooling methods & options to match your exact requirements
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