A brief history of Munchy

MUNCHY are one of the originators of plastics recycling technology.

The Munchy method of recycling was developed in the 1970's for the recycling of PE Film.

Munchy invented the Dual-Diameter Screw for this very purpose.

Today the MUNCHY Dual Diameter Screw remains at the heart of our recycling range as it's performance and ability to produce the highest quality pellets from scrap material is unquestioned

MUNCHY has over 5,000 recycling systems in over 50 countries worldwide and remains at the forefront plastics recycling technology.

MUNCHY was purchased by Extrusion machinery manufacturer Boston Matthews in November 2002.

Boston Matthews has over 65 years design and manufacturing experience with a history dating back to the early 1950's.

As inventors of the Caterpillar Take-Off (Boston/Farris) Boston Matthews are one of the most established names in plastics engineering around the world.


Early Munchy Recycling Machine circa 1970's


Patented Munchy Dual Diameter Screw


Munchy HQ, Worcester, England


Munchy & Boston Matthews at the K Show

Munchy 150 Air Recycling

A Munchy from toady's range