Flexible and Rigid Profiles

Boston Matthews has extensive experience of designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines for the production of rigid and flexible profiles.

    Boston Matthews design and manufacture the "Complete" Turn-Key Extrusion Line for a wide range of applications and industries including: 
  • Window Profiles
  • Window Glazing Gaskets
  • EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) Profiles
  • Flooring Profiles
  • Seals
  • Zipper Profiles
  • Magnetic Strip Profiles
  • Co-Extruded Profiles
  • Garden Netting
  • Tile Trim
  • Intumescent Strip Profiles
  • IC Carrier (Micro-chip carriers)
  • Polyurethane Profiles (drive belts etc)

A Turn-Key Solution

Boston Matthews design and manufacture the complete extrusion line. This includes extruders, tooling and all downstream equipment. As a single-source of supply you are guaranteed complete machinery integration and ease of communication and service.

Energy Efficient Production

Energy efficiency has never been more important, both for cost saving and environmental reasons.

Incorporated in every element of a Boston Matthews Extrusion Line is the latest technology to ensure precision, energy efficiency and ease of use. PLC, Servo, AC Vector, Laser Diameter Control, Ultra Sonics and much more.

50 Years Polymer Processsing Experience

Boston Matthews has more than 50 years polymer processing and machinery manufacturing experience and with over 35,000 machines is a World leader in extrusion technology.

Working With You

Boston Matthews "listens” and works with your team to ensure you have the best solution for your business.

At the very cutting edge of extrusion we understand the importance of working closely with our customers.

Quality Management Systems

Precision accuracy and consistency is found in every stage and process of the extrusion line.

Tube Quality Management Systems have been incorporated to ensure that tube quality is constantly monitored and maintained providing: -

  • Closed Loop Laser Diameter Control
  • PLC Line Control
  • Wall Thickness Monitoring
  • Out of Tolerance Tube Rejection Systems – Loss in Weight; Lump Recognition; Diameter Measurement; etc

Extrusion Line Control

The SMART Control System has been designed and developed in partnership with extrusion operators and provides total control over the extrusion process.

Simple, clear screens allow easy navigation providing the operator with information and control at the touch of button.

Trending, alarms, language setting etc is all available.

Commissioning & Training

We work with you all the way through the order process from line layouts and factory planning through to operator training and on-site commissioning.

Our service does not end there. Our engineers are available to assist when required as we believe it's best to speak to a person. Also, our dedicated Spare Parts Department and are on hand to assist you whenever needed.


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