Tube & Profiles

Boston Matthews has extensive experience of designing and manufacturing complete extrusion lines for the production of a wide range of tubes and profiles.

Boston Matthews design and manufacture the "Complete" Turn-Key Extrusion Line for a wide range of applications and industries including:

  • Window Profiles
  • Zippers
  • Window Glazing Gaskets
  • EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) Profiles
  • Flooring Profiles
  • Seals
  • Zipper Profiles
  • Magnetic Strip Profiles
  • Co-Extruded Profiles
  • Garden Netting
  • Tile Trim
  • Intumescent Strip Profiles
  • IC Carrier (Micro-chip carriers)
  • Polyurethane Profiles (drive belts etc)
  • Irrigation Tubing
  • Mailing Tubes
  • Automotive Tubing
  • Medical Tubing
  • PS Pipettes
  • Aerosol Dip Tubing
  • Cosmetic Squeeze Tube
  • Multi-Layer Tubing
  • Pen Refill Tubes
  • Drinking Straws
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