Never underestimate the importance of the Caterpillar Take-Off

The Caterpillar Take-Off (Puller) plays a major role in every extrusion line.The Puller provides tension to the extrusion line and forms a vital link from the good consistent quality of melt produced by the extruder through to the successful cutting/sawing/coiling operation at the end of the line. If the Puller is underperforming then quality issues throughout the line are likely to occur :

  1. Product inaccuracy at the die face leading to poor product and possible line downtime
  2. Sizing inaccuracy / line down time
  3. Inaccurate cutting/sawing/coiling

It is therefore essential to have a Puller that has precision speed holding at all times and is the right size and specification for your operation. Don't jeopardize your production performance with an underachieving piece of equipment.