Never Underestimate the Importance of the Caterpillar Take-Off

When it comes to investment in new machinery many organisations make the mistake of ignoring the Caterpillar Take-Off or Puller and the pivotal role in plays within every extrusion line.

The Take-Off provides tension to the extrusion line and forms a vital link from the good consistent quality of melt produced by the extruder through to the successful cutting/sawing/coiling operation at the end of the line.

If the Take-Off is underperforming, then issues throughout the line are likely to occur :

  • Product inaccuracy at the die face leading to poor product and possible line downtime
  • Calibration inaccuracy / line down time
  • Inaccurate cutting/sawing/coiling

All too many times a company will make a good investment in a new Cutter/Saw/Coiler for them not to see the true benefits due to an inaccurate, ageing Haul-Off.

It is therefore essential to have a Caterpillar Take-Off that has precision speed holding at all times.