Machine is capable of operating as a “jockey” extruder in horizontal, vertical or user-defined set position.

Boston Matthews’ new compact Universal Jockey Extruder has been designed to give the user complete operational flexibility and is capable of operating as a Jockey Extruder in horizontal, vertical or user-defined set position such as 45° angle.


A lightweight, compact but robust construction reportedly allows for easy and effortless positioning even within the most demanding production space deprived conditions. The ease of positioning allows the operator/setter to precisely align with the current tooling and existing extruders and other equipment minimizing the risk of damage. Footprint has been kept to a minimum in order to save as much valuable production space as possible.The operator controls are also cantilevered for easy positioning to match the exact operating / production conditions.

AC, direct-drive technology provides precision screw speed holding for the highest quality melt and output performance whilst at the same time ensuring maximum energy efficiency is obtained. Direct drive is also said to greatly reduce operational noise, dust and routine maintenance.

Any routine maintenance has been designed so that the operator can carry it out without the need for calling on specialized maintenance personnel.

Plastics Technology Magazine, March 2021