All-Electric Servo Saw Cuts Operational Costs

The All-Electric Servo Driven Saw is able to achieve higher levels of accuracy by being the first to link servos motors to a precision ball screw on both axis allowing the entire cutting process to be controlled. This differs from other manufacturers who only seek to control the saws carriage travel, neglecting control of other movements during the cutting process.

The resultant control achieved through the use of servos rather than pneumatics brings about numerous benefits to the user. The new All Electric Servo-Driven Saw will totally eliminate the need for secondary off-line cutting, making substantial savings for all extruders of rigid profiles. The new saws repeatedly cut to considerably closer tolerance levels than can be reached by the best pneumatic saws available.

The  All Electric Servo-Driven Saw is controlled by a digital interface bringing numerous benefits to the user. Set-up is a fast, non-operator reliant, simple process of entering precise numbers via a ‘touch screen’ as opposed to pneumatic saws long, arduous task of manually turning valves to ‘rough’ settings.PLC intelligence enables the saw to perform a ‘programmed’ or ‘feasibility’ test after every new parameter is entered into a recipe. This acts as protection against potential damaged caused by the machine attempting to meet a users ‘inappropriate’ number inputs.

Storage of recipes and product referencing enables the All Electric Servo-Driven Saw to have complete automatic set-up and provides the user with total production flexibility with the guarantee of easily retrievable, repeatable performance at all times.

Additional benefits of the Saw include such production enhancing features as length cut-display, batch size display and password protection.

Boston Matthews believe repeatable close tolerance cutting and superior cut-quality will represent significant material savings through a substantial reduction in off-spec or marked profiles, whilst eliminating lengthy complex set-procedures, signifying the new way forward for profile cutting.

The new saws are available in a number of sizes, with options to suit the requirements of all rigid profiles.